DateTime is a library which provides simple date and time conversion, manipulation and comparison functions for use in any of your projects.



  • Conversion of date time strings to dword or Julian Date
  • Comparison of date time strings to determine if one is greater than the other
  • Difference calculation of date time strings and return as days difference - or +
  • Leap year calculation
  • Day of the week calculation

DateTime Library Downloads

  • DateTime Library Downloads +

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  • DateTime Library History +


    • Rewrite - reorganized modules in DateTime Library.


    • Release - First release of DateTime Library.
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DateTime Library Information

  • DateTime Library Notes +

    The latest version of DateTime Library is v1.0.1.10

    DateTime Library is desgined for use with:

    • RadASM IDE
    • MASM32 SDK
  • DateTime Library Setup +

    Copy DateTime Library files to your the MASM32 folders

    • DateTime.lib to \masm32\lib
    • to \masm32\include

    Include DateTime Library in your project somewhere with:

    Includelib DateTime.lib
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