Circlebar Control is a custom control written in assembly language for use in your projects. It displays percentage values in a circle. The circular progress bar control is comprised of a number of layered images that are combined to display the final overall effect.

The download files below contain the pre-compiled library on its own, the chm help file, and radasm project example of the circlebar, the source code and/or the whole lot in one package


This is the first stage of our circular bar control. Creating our base background image using the GdipFillPie function and filling it with our selected base color. The start and end offset of the pie are preset for us.


The progress part of the circular bar is also created using the GdipFillPie function, starting at the start point of our base pie and ending at our required end point representing the percent value to display.


We then need to create a central circle to mask out the remainder of our pie (in this example the mask area is shown as pink). The size of this circle is defined by the progress width (default value or specified width)


The central circle mask is filled with the color required (either as specified by user or using the default color) to leave us with our circular progress bar. For this part we use the GdipFillEllipse function.


The actual percentage value is drawn as text in the center of the control for completeness. Other markers can optionally be shown inside the center circle to help display the percentage divisions around the bar.


Circlebar Control Downloads

  • Circlebar Control Downloads +

    Circlebar Source Version: (2014-03-25) File size: 19.06 KB
    Circlebar Help (2014-03-25) File size: 115.72 KB
    Circlebar Control (Control Only) Version: (2014-03-25) File size: 6.98 KB
    Circlebar Control (Full package) Version: (2014-03-25) File size: 147.73 KB
    Circlebar Example (2014-03-25) File size: 12.52 KB


    Note: you may need to unblock access to a file once you download it. Right click on it in windows explorer, select properties, click the unblock button.

  • Circlebar Control History +


    • Release - First release of Circlebar Control.
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Circlebar Control Information

  • Circlebar Control Quick Setup +

    Copy Circlebar Control files to your project's folder

    • Circlebar.lib to \masm32\lib
    • to \masm32\include

    Include Circlebar Control in your project somewhere with:

    Includelib Circlebar.lib
  • Circlebar Control Notes +

    The latest version of Circlebar Control is v1.0.0.0

    Circlebar Control is desgined for use with:

    • RadASM IDE
    • MASM32 SDK
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