TwonkyTray is a small program (written in x86 assembler using Win32 API) designed to show the server status (Offline, Idle, Streaming) of the Twonky Media Server running on a QNAP NAS device.

TwonkyTray will also list any of the current streaming content being shared out from the Twonky Media Server to any local LAN device, and TwonkyTray can be set to notify the user when streaming has started, by showing a popup traybar balloon or a simple flashing play icon in the traybar.

TwonkyTray does this by polling the specified address of the Twonky Media Server via RPC urls (by default every 30 seconds) which returns information about the the media server and streaming information. TwonkyTray will show the following status:





The traybar icon and the main dialog window image will change to reflect the current status. These are the matching traybar status icons:


A host that is incorrect will show the same as offline (red icon). Additionally the steaming flashing play icon (green icon with green play arrow) can be set to show all the time or intermittently.

As of version TwonkyTray supports English, German & Polish languages, which can be changed from the options dialog.

TwonkyTray will work with any Twonky Media Server running on a QNAP device - both X86 & ARM versions are compatible.

TwonkyTray Downloads

  • TwonkyTray Downloads +

    TwonkyTray Version: (2013-02-04) File size: 381.69 KB
    TwonkyTray Readme (2013-02-04) File size: 6.45 KB


    Note: you may need to unblock access to a file once you download it. Right click on it in windows explorer, select properties, click the unblock button.

  • TwonkyTray History +


    • Bugfix - Traybar menu would only show new language choice at startup of program. Now changes when language choice is made in options dialog and ok is clicked.
    • Bugfix - Text fields where clipped slightly when ran under Win7 (32bit). Adjusted text fields to take into account language word lengths.
    • Bugfix - German translation updated - thanks to Lars (muellela)
    • Bugfix - Polish translation updated - thanks to Pawel Kallaur


    • Feature - Multilingual support added for: English, Polish, German


    • Bugfix - Balloon tip notification based on stream time which updated meant balloon tip would show every 30 seconds. Now compares to a list of previously streamed files since update thread executed and only shows those files that are new if balloon tip notification option is enabled in options dialog.
    • Feature - Additional right click traybar menu option to go to Twonky server admin page - http://:9000/config
    • Planned - Multilingual support at some point hopefully.


    • Release - First release
    • Issue - Balloon tip notifications shows every time update thread is executed.
    • Request - Twonky server admin web page link.
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TwonkyTray Information

  • TwonkyTray Setup +

    • Download & unzip the archive
    • Run TwonkyTraySetup.exe and install to a folder of your choice
    • Start TwonkyTray and click the options button on the main dialog window
    • Set the hostname or ip address of the Twonky Media Server to connect to and monitor
  • TwonkyTray Notes +

    The latest version of TwonkyTray is v1.0.0.3

    TwonkyTray is compatible with:

    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7 (32bit & 64Bit)

    TwonkyTray will create an TwonkyTray.ini file in the a specific folder depending on your operating system:

    • Win 2K/NT/XP: current folder that the TwonkyTray.exe is ran from
    • Windows Vista: C:\Documents & Settings\<Your Username>\Application Data\TwonkyTray folder
    • Windows 7: C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\TwonkyTray folder

    All the settings can be changed via the options dialog in the main program, except the polling (UpdateInterval) setting, which can be modified in the .ini file if you really want to adjust this setting. Min 1 - Max 1800 seconds, otherwise it will default to 30 seconds.

  • TwonkyTray Screenshots +

     {rokbox thumbsize=|130 90| album=|TwonkyTray| thumbcount=|6| size=|561 350|}images/projects/released/twonkytray/screenshots/*{/rokbox}

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