Steam Profile Manager is a small utility to manage profiles for games such as Counterstrike Source, Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat and other supported Steam Games.

Currently only Counterstrike Source is supported.

What does this program do? At a basic level all it does the following:

  • Copies autoexec.cfg and config.cfg back and forth to specified profile names: autoexec.{myprofile}.txt and config.{myprofile}.txt
  • Shows steam information: steam path, steam account path, steam account and steam id
  • Allows easy access to specific folders: steam path, steam account path, cstrike path
  • Allows easy editing of configuration files ( autoexec.{myprofile}.txt and config.{myprofile}.txt )
  • Allows quick access to most functions via a icon in the system tray
  • Can run at windows startup and minimized on startup for usefulness

What use is this program to me? There are number of possible uses of this program:

  • For people who share the same PC and use the same steam account, a profile manager can allow then to keep their own preferences including key binds and of course ingame name.
  • For admins wishing to come on anonymously/disguised, a profile manager allows them to have a different ingame name stored in config.cfg and then switch to this when needed, then back again when not needed.
  • For scripting enthusiasts, a profile manager will allow then to try out new commands and scripting options without messing up their default (safe) profile.
  • For people who like to have easy access to certain steam folders: for accessing demos, console dumps, deleting corrupt .blob files, managing custom skins etc etc.
  • For people who want access to their Steam ID from outside of Counterstrike Source.

Steam Profile Manager Downloads

  • Steam Profile Manager Downloads +

    Steam Profile Manager Version:1.0.0.x (2013-02-04) File size: 496.5 KB


    Note: you may need to unblock access to a file once you download it. Right click on it in windows explorer, select properties, click the unblock button.

  • Steam Profile Manager History +


    • Bugfix - General misc bugfixes


    • Bugfix - Balloon tip notification for auto update now shows and can be clicked.


    • Release - First release
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Steam Profile Manager Information

  • Steam Profile Manager Notes +

    The latest version of Steam Profile Manager is v1.0.1.11

    Steam Profile Manager is compatible with:

    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7 (32bit & 64Bit)

    The default configuration is based on the current settings found within autoexec.cfg and config.cfg if found. By creating a default profile, this enables you to safely return to your default configuration should you discover a problem with a new profile you create.

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