JWasmJWasm64 with RadASM is an addition to RadASM to allow it to use the jwasm assembler (32bit and 64bit) as a programming language.

This is a collection of files to add support for JWasm/JWasm64 to the RadASM IDE. Supports both 32bit JWasm and 64bit JWasm (JWasm64)

Whats included in this package:

  • Jwasm.ini - main RadASM programming language file for JWasm
  • DialogAsMain_x86.tpl - RadASM template for JWasm Dialog As Main Window x86
  • DialogAsMain_x64.tpl - RadASM template for JWasm64 Dialog As Main Window x64
  • Dll64Project.tpl - RadASM template for JWasm64 64Bit DLL Project
  • x64dbg_plugin.tpl - RadASM template for JWasm64 x64dbg plugin projects
  • Support folders for JWasm for RadASM: AddIns, Template, Projects etc


  • Copy JWasm.ini to \RadASM\ folder
  • Copy JWasm folder to \RadASM\ folder
  • Copy AddIns folder to \RadASM\ folder
  • Edit radasm.ini to add jwasm to the list of Assemblers:

JWasm64 with RadASM Downloads

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    jwasm64-with-radasm.zip (2015-05-05) File size: 365.27 KB


    Note: you may need to unblock access to a file once you download it. Right click on it in windows explorer, select properties, click the unblock button.

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