LoginManager Module is currently unreleased / work in progress

LoginManager is a small self contained dialog for managing login processes. It has a simple dialog with textboxes for username and password, a login and a cancel button. In addition it uses a spinner to indicate processing as the login is authenticated.

The authentication process is designed to allow you to add your own code to handle this. It can be as simple as storing a username and password in a plain text ini file and checking the passed parameters for a match and returning success if they match, or it can be more complicated, involving client/server authentication with encryption. The choice of how you achieve this authentication is left to you.

LoginManager Module Downloads

  • LoginManager Module Downloads +

    The latest version of LoginManager Module is v1.0.0.0

    LoginManager Module is desgined for use with:

    • RadASM IDE
    • MASM32 SDK

    No Download Available At This Time

  • LoginManager Module History +


    • Release - Planned first release of LoginManager Module.
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LoginManager Module Information

  • LoginManager Module Quick Setup +

    Copy LoginManager files to your project's folder

    • LoginManager.asm to \ (the root of your project folder)
    • LoginManagerr.dlg to \ (the root of your project folder)
    • LoginManager.rc to \Res (the Res folder under your project folder)

    Include LoginManager.asm in your project somewhere with:

    Include LoginManager.asm
  • LoginManager Module Notes +

    The LoginManager module is currently unreleased.

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