TemplateEngine is a custom library written in assembly language for use in your projects.

Inspired by RadASM templates and online php templating engines like Twig, TemplateEngine allows you to create files based on a template file, which contain embedded tags that expand to be replaced by variables, expressions and help control what information is output and how with the use of other directives.


  • Define your own tags (delimiters) for placing variables, expressions or directives in. Or use the predefined styles available, for example Twig uses [% and %] for its tags, and RadASM uses [* *] for its tags in its template files.
  • Set variables at run time, which are replaced and output to the file you are creating when the template file is processed.
  • Include other template files with the INCLUDE directive, allows for the multiple nesting of templates.
  • Change the variables replaced at runtime with functions supported by TemplateEngine. (coming soon)
  • Output lists, arrays with BEGIN END or FOR NEXT directives. (coming soon)

TemplateEngine Library Downloads

  • TemplateEngine Library Downloads + Version: (2015-12-26) File size: 6.89 KB
    TemplateEngine.chm Version: (2015-12-26) File size: 474.41 KB Version: (2015-12-26) File size: 474.45 KB
    Readme.txt (2015-12-26) File size: 3.65 KB


    Note: you may need to unblock access to a file once you download it. Right click on it in windows explorer, select properties, click the unblock button.

  • TemplateEngine Library History +


    • Release - First release of TemplateEngine Library.
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TemplateEngine Library Information

  • TemplateEngine Library Setup +

    Copy TemplateEngine Library files to your the MASM32 folders

    • TemplateEngine.lib to \masm32\lib
    • to \masm32\include

    Include TemplateEngine Library in your project somewhere with:

    Includelib TemplateEngine.lib
  • TemplateEngine Library Notes +

    The latest version of TemplateEngine Library is v1.0.0.0

    TemplateEngine Library is desgined for use with:

    • RadASM IDE
    • MASM32 SDK
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