Masm x64dbg Plugin SDK for Masm aids in quickly developing plugins for the x64dbg debugger (32bit version).


Last Updated: 17/01/2017


This is a consolidation and conversion of the original x64dbg plugin SDK files: _plugins.h, _plugin_types.h, bridgemain.h & _exports.h to a format that will work with MASM and other assemblers. Currently this package only supports 32bit x64dbg (x32dbg).

For 64bit support use the x64dbg plugin SDK for JWasm64 found here

The latest version of the x64dbg Plugin SDK For x86 Assembler can always be found on github



Whats included in this package:

  • Masm32 version of the x64dbg plugin SDK found in the pluginsdk folder
  • RadASM testplugin project and files as a working example of how to use the plugin SDK
  • RadASM template for creating your own x32dbg plugins.
  • RadASM Code Completion files for easy use of the x64dbg plugin SDK for Masm


How to use

There are a number of ways of using the pluginsdk files in your own projects:

  • Copy the x32dbg.lib, x32bridge.lib, debug_x86.lib and TitanEngine_x86.lib files from pluginsdk folder to your masm32\lib folder
  • Copy the x32dbg.inc, x32bridge.inc, debug_x86.inc and TitanEngine_x86.inc files from pluginsdk folder to your masm32\include folder
  • Add a line in your source code:

       include x64dbgpluginsdk.inc

  • or add the following lines to your source code

      include x32dbg.inc
      include x32bridge.inc
      include debug_x86.inc
      include TitanEngine_x86.inc
      includelib x32dbg.lib
      includelib x32bridge.lib
      includelib debug_x86.lib
      includelib TitanEngine_x86.lib

Alternatively you can use the included template to easily create a x32dbg plugin project ready to use

  •  Copy the template\x32dbg_plugin.tpl file to your RadASM\Masm\Templates folder.
  •  Open RadASM and choose a new project.
  •  Choose the project name and folder.
  •  Specify project as a dll (dynamic link library) type .
  •  Select 'x32dbg plugin' as the project template to use and allow it to create & setup a ready to run barebones x32dbg plugin.

With any of these options, feel free to add any other includes and libs as you normally would.

x64dbg SDK (Masm) Downloads

  • x64dbg Plugin SDK for Masm Downloads +

    x64dbg-Plugin-SDK-For-x86-Assembler.zip Version: (2017-01-18) File size: 168.79 KB


    Note: you may need to unblock access to a file once you download it. Right click on it in windows explorer, select properties, click the unblock button.

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x64dbg SDK (Masm) Information

  • x64dbg Plugin SDK for Masm Notes +

    The latest version of the SDK is v1.0.0.12

    Last updated: 17/01/2017

    The latest version of the x64dbg Plugin SDK For x86 Assembler can be on github here

    The latest versions of the libraries used in this plugin sdk can be found by downloading the latest snapshot version of x64dbg.

    x64dbg home page: http://x64dbg.com

    x64dbg sourcecode: http://source.x64dbg.com

    x64dbg Github: http://github.com/x64dbg/x64dbg


    x64dbg Plugin SDK For x86 Assembler is a collection of files for use with:

    • Masm (32bit Assembly)
    • x64dbg (32bit - x32dbg.exe)
    • Windows 7+ (32bit & 64bit)
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