Xbase Library is currently in a deep sleep, might be considered abandoned for the moment, and any files related to it are unreleased at this time

Xbase Library aims to provide support for reading and using xbase (dbase/clipper/foxpro/visual foxpro) database tables in your assembler projects.


  • Open and use database files up to 2GB in size.

  • Macros included to match syntax of visual foxpro commands and functions as close as possible.

  • Support for associated memo files.

So first of all, what is 'Xbase'?

From wikipedia:

xBase is the generic term for all programming languages that derive from the original dBASE (Ashton-Tate) programming language and database formats.

Commonly this refers to programming languages such as: Clipper, Visual Objects, Vulcan.NET, dBase, FlagShip, Recital, Foxpro, Visual FoxPro, xBase++, xHarbour, CLIP, the Harbour Project and xHarbour.

Xbase uses a verb based command and function syntax that makes it easier to access data in a database table.

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