So its been a while since ive done any updates, either uploading files and projects to the site and updating content and articles, so i felt it was worth posting up a small entry to give everyone an update on my activites.

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News & Updates

Qword has updated his SmplMath macros system to version 2. These macros allow a user to evaluate mathematically expression similar to high level languages (HLLs). Currently the macros support 32 and 64 bit code and are compatible with the MASM32 SDK. 64 bit programming requires jwasm. The project and source files are hosted on SourceForge:

See the masm32 forum post for details:

News & Updates

Ive added a new tutorial to the tutorial and guides section, a video tutorial: RadASM Installation

Work is still ongoing for the rest of the site, updating pages, and adding in content and some 3rd party plugins to help with the site presentation and features. For example, the IntenseDebate linked RokComments module has just been installed, which should provide users with the ability to leave comments on articles.

News & Updates

The latest update version of Donkey's vKim like tools for GoAsm and Masm are available on the masm32 forum:

Update - 2015: Additionally Donkey has changed his home website, now found here:

News & Updates

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