Recently i've been doing some coding again, and a couple of projects where in my sights, the most recent being the LTLI Library which came about from constantly copying commonly used code functions from one project to another.


One of the other projects i have been working on is a rewrite of my SiteManager module, which incorporates some of the commonly used functions, so since this is next up for release i thought i'd go ahead and release the LTLI Library first, before pushing out the SiteManager update. I wasnt happy with the way the SiteManager worked and with using it in another project of mine i decided it was time to rewrite it. I removed the treeview and replaced it with the listview, and under the hood i changed the way the sites are stored in the .ini file. They are referenced by a index number now, and this has allowed me greated flexibility in another project which makes use of the SiteManager.

The other project i am referring to is a small program called QnapMonitor that connects to my QNAP 219P NAS and displays information back, including the use of little tray icons to help with monitoring the cpu load, and system and hard disk drive temps. Hopefully once i have more down i will update and go over some of the workings of the program, in particular the tray icons which took ages to figure out as there was very little information or code examples anywhere on the web, just small fragments of somewhat related code that i had to try and mash together somehow :D.

Anyhows, check out the LTLI Library which includes the RadASM project source along with the compiled library. Until next time.

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