So its been a while since ive done any updates, either uploading files and projects to the site and updating content and articles, so i felt it was worth posting up a small entry to give everyone an update on my activites.


Lately I've been working on a rewrite of the AutoUpdate Library (which will now be called AutoUpdater), which has also encompassed another side project: DownloadManager Library - which encapsulates the downloading of files with a callback function to display progress and other information (which is optional).

The work on those projects are still continuing and in the mean time ive found myself dabbling with Zlib, in particular the static 32bit library for it and a companion utility lib ive been writing, called ZlibExtract, which i hope to encapsulate the extracting of a file or files from a zip file, with a few simple functions: a ZL_ExtractFile & ZL_ExtractAll. The ZL_ExtractAll  function is pretty much complete, but currently untested (must find time to do this) and ive been toying with the idea of wildcard filespecs for the ZL_ExtractFile function, in particular how to handle ? and * in the comparison of filespecs as i loop thru the internal zip filesnames to find a match.

Thats about it for the moment, except to mention an upcoming article that i hope will be out soon: Using INI Files: Part 2

Until next time.

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