Finally i got round to finishing work on my TemplateEngine Library! consider it an alpha version for the moment.

I was writing some other code lately and realised that what i was doing (writing a custom parser for other project) was a perfect compliment to implementing my old project, the TemplateEngine. As i wasnt happy with previous versions i had written, i had left it for a good few years, occasionally coming back to it.

I had a number of ideas and features i wanted to add it it, but wasnt sure exactly how to go about adding them in with the current versions i had worked with. This recent epiphany and rewrite has allowed me to structure it so that i can add in those features the way i always wanted to.

As this is the first version, only some features are currently implemented, with hopefully more being added soon. Let me know if you are using it and if you come across any issues with it. Thanks.

The releaseed project including readme, help file and library can be found here:


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