So here we are again, another year has gone by. Lots of little projects have vyed for my attention, some of which are near completion, others put on the back burner.

I suppose i have the luxury of deciding what project takes my interest and going with the flow when the creative juices start. Of course there are big stretches of time where im not doing any coding. Thats when coming back to a project can be hard. Trying to remember the ideas & work process i had at the time, trying to get back into the frame of mind to continue onward. Sometimes ill hit a block, something occurs which makes we wonder if im writing the control/library/program in the right way, perhaps there is a better way, or ill think of an idea, but to implement it might be hard, and going back to old code to re-figure out what i was doing can be the hardest part of all - although i do comment my code a good bit, just on the off chance i cant remember exactly what it does (which happens more often that not :D)

The most recent project ive now completed is the WinBif program. Although i say completed, there is much more that i want to do with this program. For the moment tho im releasing it, considering it a lite version of the program. At some point, if im lucky ill add more functionality to it.

I recall thinking back about maybe 5 or more years ago about the WinBif program, and about infinity engine games and the mod tools available. At the time i wanted to create my own library of functions for handling the various file types used within those games. And over the course of those years ive been creating and recreating libraries for re-use. Like i mentioned above, sometimes ill stop a project for various reasons, but go back to it at a later date, revising it or rewriting it. A perfect example of this has been with this winbif program and its underlying libraries IEBIF and IEKEY. After learning for years and via that experience ive been finally able to put together these libraries in the way that im happy with (for the most part) and i plan on using that process and the existing libraries as templates for other infinity engine games - probably an IEBAM library next, which might mean a project that uses those files.

Anyhow, ill have to see how it all goes, i still have to contend with all the other older projects i have and see which one grabs my attention next :D


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