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My latest programming adventure has been with an old, yet not forgotton, project: the TemplateEngine Library.

It was an idea that began as i was developing another program, i was writing a program to generate php and in particular phpbb mod code.

I began with the idea of generating in memory the php code for each file that would be required, i quickly saw that it would entail a lot of coding and it would all be hard-coded (to an extent). It occured to me to then use a base template file that had most of the code i wanted already written, and to replace the bits and pieces i wanted with particular variables, the most obvious ones being the name of the package, author, version etc.

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So here is the new blog section. I hope it will be a little different, perhaps more flexible, allowing wider encompassing subjects (and ramblings) than the more tighly focused posts found in the articles and news updates section of the LetTheLightIn website.

So with my previous post/update about working on a small utility library for use with the static 32bit zlib library. KetilO's RadASM v3.0 source code had an updater plugin with source code, that downloaded a zip file, extracted it and created the folder paths along the way. I initially took this code as a starting point and began writing up my first function ZL_ExtractAll.

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